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Dialtronics ensures the quality of each product bearing the Dialtronics brand, guaranteeing freedom from manufacturing defects in material and workmanship starting from the shipping date as specified in the product listing or documentation. Throughout this period, the validity of product warranties is maintained, contingent upon proper installation and use. Dialtronics is committed to providing comprehensive product warranty services to its customers. The specific warranty period for the product(s) is determined by the product category. For detailed information, please refer to this link.

Exclusions from Warranty:

The product will not be warranted in the following situations:

If the product is not under warranty, the customer may have Dialtronics repair the unit on a fee basis or return it.

Special Warranty Terms:

For special projects, customers may purchase a post-warranty repair service or require extended or limited warranty terms. The special warranties are subject to and provided only on the terms and conditions set out in a separate contract.

End of Life Product:

If your Dialtronics Products are already subject to an End of Life (EOL) and/or End of Sale announcement, these products are no longer being sold and may not be supported.

Returning products for RMA service:

If your Dialtronics Product needs service or repair, please contact our technical support engineer or a sales representative for obtaining an RMA number. Following receipt of an RMA number, the customer shall return the defective product to Dialtronics and agree to follow our shipping instruction.