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5 distinct and highly capable E-Series range of IP PBX business phone systems Each product uniquely designed to serve specific business communication requirements Unwavering commitment to security across all products in the range
Dialtronics offers state-of-the-art IP PBX devices that ensure seamless and reliable business communications at all times.  

At the heart of it all is its E-Series range of robust and powerful IP PBX business phone system that effortlessly unifies voice, video, SMS, fax, and e-mail. No more pivoting from one device to another – when you have a single point of communication like Dialtronics’ E-Series IP PBX range! 

Available Products

Dialtronics has striven hard to ensure a multiplicity of product offerings within its E-Series range. Each one with its own set of unique capabilities that lay down an entire end-to-end business IP PBX system 

With the E-Series range, having your own virtual PBX phone system proves to be a breeze! 

Below we describe each of the sub-products within the E-Series range. You are sure to find one among them that fits your business IP PBX system requirements perfectly.


This robust and powerful business IP PBX system offers a single LAN port with dual WAN ports, as well as a console and USB respectively.  

Clearly, you have ample connectivity options with the E600 virtual PBX Phone System! 


This is a GSM Gateway provision. Apart from the same constituent elements as the E600 (1 LAN port, 2 WAN ports, 1 Console, and 1 USB), the distinction here lies in the 4 GSM Modules & SIM holders that it has. 

From a GSM connectivity standpoint, the E600G fits the bill perfectly. 



The virtual PBX Phone System juggernaut at Dialtronics continues to roll with the advanced and powerful E600F FXS Gateway provision. In addition to the same 4 primary constituent elements already mentioned above for both E600 and E600G, the E600F features 4 RJ11 FXS ports. 

For the uninitiated, FXS in this context stands for Foreign Exchange Subscriber. The FXS ports on the E600F range ensure easy connectivity between station devices such as PBX or phones to VoIP adapters. As RJ11 ports, FXS connect internally to fax machines or analog office phones. 


This is Dialtronics’ LTE Gateway provision business IP PBX system offering. Yet again, the 4 primary constituents remain sacrosanct. The distinction in this case are the 4 LTE modules that are included along with their respective SIM holders.  

With LTE being the standard for 4G networks, LTE modules have frequently been referred to as 4G LTE modules or even simply 4G modules. These modules allow seamless integration into other gadgets or terminals. 


The distinctive feature here is the high availability that is on offer. With E600HA, two different E600 devices can combine to form one single high availability device. 

This level of integration among virtual PBX phone system devices has rarely been seen elsewhere. It is the forward thinking outlook and capabilities at Dialtronics that have made it possible. 


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