SIP Speaker

Robust Power-over-Ethernet or PoE Public Address Loudspeaker Uses Voice over IP or VoIP systems to seamlessly connect to LANs (Local Area Networks) Compatible with majority of SIP-based IP PBX systems Can play audio from a multicast source in a non-SIP setting
Despite the affordable SIP speaker price offered by Dialtronics, the product offers a whole host of features. At its core is its intuitive ability to play audio from multicast. Moreover, the entire configuration of Dialtronics SIP Speaker is web-based. In case you want to avoid pesky and unwanted SIP calls, especially when you are, say, in the middle of a meeting, you can easily do so by setting up a security code for that.   



Dialtronics SIP Speaker is highlighted by the fact that not only does it have a small footprint, but also a low height. As a result, it can be mounted discretely practically anywhere you desire. Provisioning the speaker can be done automatically, using multiple online protocols including secure HTTPS, regular HTTP, as well as TFTP for file transfers. HTTPS is enabled by default while HTTP must be configured via the web.  
Supports G.722 codecs Can be powered either by PoE (802.3AF or 802.3AT) or by 24V auxiliary power supply. The latter is not included in the speaker packaging.802.11q VLAN tagging is available Interoperability for hosted environments is a breeze on Dialtronics SIP Speaker
  • 10 Watts peak power output
  • 9” by 2.4” Dimensions 
  • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet I/F 
  • Can operate in Temperatures ranging from -30 to 55 Celsius (-22 to 131 Fahrenheit) 
  • Power Input is PoE 802.3af/802.3at 
  • Payload Types are G.711 u-law, G.711 a-law, and G.722 
  • 2 years Limited Warranty available 
  • External volume control
  • Entirely web-based configuration 
  • Small footprint 
  • Audio can be played from Multicast 
  • Night Ringer function is available 
  • High efficiency of Speaker Driver 
  • Can support as many as 10 multicast paging groups 
  • Support for Cisco SRST resiliency is available 
  • Firmware can easily be upgraded by users, either through a web interface or even by using auto provisioning 
  • Speaker volume can even be adjusted over the Network 


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